Last updated September 23, 2010
Preview Image September, 23 2010Addition of the "Airwolf Guidebook"

Tom "CHAIRWOLF" Higginson's spectactular guidebook to Airwolf locations and fascinating facts is now updated and re-published for all to enjoy. Marvel at his acute observations and discover details you may never have noticed when watching the show.
Preview Image OCTOBER 27, 2009Addition of the "Airwolf Web Archive"

Throughout the first two decades of the World Wide Web, interesting, informative and even influential Airwolf-related niche websites have come and gone, as have earlier versions of destination sites. This subsection helps webmasters preserve their work for posterity.
Preview Image JANUARY 11, 2009Card model added to "Downloads"

Not all models are made of plastic. Thanks to William Aldridge, this high-quality Airwolf model simply requires your time more than your money. Save and print the pdf of these template pages to begin construction of your own replica. You've never seen it shown like this!
Preview Image JANUARY 09, 2009WL Issue 4 Supplement: articles added

The supplement for Wolf's Lair issue #4 debuts with articles and photos related to Airwolf legend David Jones. As always, this supplemental content is complimentary to subscribers of The Wolf's Lair magazine who received issue #4.
Preview Image OCTOBER 22, 2008Weapons prints added to "Tech Drawings"

As an assist to modelers of all scales, Jason Maiden created these fabrication and assembly diagrams detailing each of Airwolf's weapons systems. You can save and print these schematics for use as a guide in your own project.
Preview Image OCTOBER 19, 2008All-new podcast added to "The Wolf's Lair"

The Wolf's Lair podcast offers exciting original content combined with enhanced playback features. It can also be found on podcast index sites such as iTunes. This first entry is an interview with Art Director Gary Lee featuring questions from the fans.
Preview Image OCTOBER 11, 2008Hawke's Cabin Artwork revealed

Following months of research and development, Margaret Albrecht's guide to Hawke's cabin artwork is now available. Learn the origins of the prints collected by Hawke's grandfather and seen each week within the cabin set.

Last updated: May 31, 2009
Preview Image SEPTEMBER 6, 2008New videos added to the "Episode Guide"

See how Airwolf was promoted week after week! The Episode Guide now features original network teasers from seasons three (CBS) and four (USA). Each clip is presented via an all-new player designed to reflect Dom's Electronic Data Command Center side screens.

Last updated: November 18, 2008
Preview Image MAY 30, 2008The Wolf's Lair Issue #4 is now available!

Airwolf's legendary aerial team is celebrated in issue #4 of The Wolf's Lair. Featured principals include David Jones, Peter McKernan, Sr. and Kevin LaRosa. Have a look at the original Jetcopters hangars, and learn about Dominic's "vintage" Sikorsky S-55.
Preview Image January 25, 2008New blueprints project added

See Timothy Arigoni's hand-drawn blueprints project develop right before your eyes! A steady hand and keen eye have allowed Timothy to produce his first scale image of Airwolf, and he also intends to draw other aircraft from the show.
Preview Image December 19, 2007All-new music added to the "Series Guide"

Music from the original Airwolf Themes soundtrack is now available! Thanks to re-orchestrator Mark J. Cairns and original series composer Sylvester Levay, Airwolf's preeminent theme music is not just a lasting memory - it's been captured for posterity in hi-fidelity stereo.

Last updated: October 14, 2009
Preview Image December 8, 2007Airwolf.TV presents . . . Airwolf TV!

See how it all began! Now you can watch Airwolf TV right here on Thanks to a joint venture between NBC and Hulu, season one is available for immediate viewing in the episode guide.
Note: Content is currently available only within the United States.

Last updated: November 24, 2008
Preview Image August 26, 2007All-new content added to the "Series Guide"

Additional briefing materials further tell the story of the show. The series guide now includes press kits and releases as well as original magazine and newspaper articles and reviews. See how the show was received at the time it was being made.

Last updated: October 13, 2007
Preview Image April 15, 2007Addition of the "Airwolf Series Guide"

Airwolf.TV adds the most comprehensive guide to the show available. Gain a better understanding of each episode's characters and plots through original studio texts. Study the complete episode guide, briefings and even the original production writer's bible!

Last updated: July 26, 2009
Preview Image March 5, 2007"Flight Manual" added to "Project Resources"

After years of reproduction by retail vendors, this essential reference is now in an interactive online format. Authored by Andrew Probert and illustrated by Lee Cole, the ever-popular Airwolf flight manual was originally utilized by writers, directors and cast.

Last updated: May 20, 2007
Preview Image SEPTEMBER 30, 2006All-new Motivational Posters

A selection of motivational posters is available in the downloads area. Inspired by those success-targeted posters found in businesses the world over, these tongue-in-cheek parodies capture inspirational messages and life lessons gleaned from the show.

Last updated: October 15, 2008
Preview Image August 31, 2006Discussion Forum added

Discuss the topics found on in the forum, which contains boards for each magazine issue and project found on this website. It is unique to the community in that the artisans who create their own projects also have their own board in which you can converse directly. Registration required to post and reply to topics.
Preview Image July 03, 2006All-new content added to "Project Resources"

Longing for more DVD-style extras? View original promotional posters from around the world. Some of these one-sheets reflect the overseas theatrical release of Airwolf's pilot episode. Others are collectible wall posters.
Preview Image May 16, 2006All-new content added to "Project Resources"

View more detail photos of the Airwolf helicopter thanks to Edward Eugene Smith, who photographed the world's most famous helicopter from inside the Jetcopters hangar.
Preview Image May 05, 2006WL Issue 2 Supplement: Kafir Palace tour added

Take a tour of Khadafi's summer palace as featured in the Airwolf pilot episode. These photographs show you reverse angles and close-up details. As always, this supplemental content is complimentary to subscribers of The Wolf's Lair magazine who received issue #2.

Last updated: January 08, 2009
Preview Image MAY 02, 2006All-new content added to "Project Resources"

Additions to the Project Resources section include more Airwolf photos and a downloadable blueprint; downloadable logos and signage from the show and a library of production stills.

Last updated: November 27, 2006
Preview Image MAY 02, 2006"Scale Recreations" added to "Special Projects"

A new section called "Scale Recreations" invites Airwolf fans to show off their modeling skills by submitting photos of any size model.
Clark Van Hoten's own 1:48 scale models lead off this new feature.
Want to see your model(s) featured? Email

Last updated: June 23, 2008
Preview Image APRIL 25, 2006Addition of "Project Resources"

A new section designed to help fans with their own projects is added under "Special Projects." Initial content is a series of photos originally taken by Jack Sessums.

Last Updated: March 5, 2007
Preview Image APRIL 24, 2006Airwolf mock-up re-creation project added

A new Airwolf mock-up is being constructed and can be previewed in "Special Projects." The preview includes a contest. Can you guess the location of Airwolf's new home before the formal announcement?

Last updated: January 15, 2009
Preview Image MARCH 31, 2006New downloads section added

A downloads section is added to "Fun & Games" featuring a computer desktop wallpaper that reflects the style of Airwolf's opening credits blended with Jason Maiden's technical drawings.
Preview Image MARCH 20, 2006WL Issue 3 Supplement: Bell 222 tour added

Take a close-up tour of a Bell 222 and see more details than could be covered in the magazine. Trivia Note: Two of these pictures, originally taken by Clark Van Hoten in October 2000, are of the airframe that was later converted into the new Airwolf Mock-Up by Steven Stull.

Last Updated: January 09, 2008
Preview Image DECEMBER 11, "about" page added now has a page to explain its purpose and introduce the show. The website's mission includes an expanded focus on providing both resources to fans who develop their own projects and a showcase for them.
Preview Image DECEMBER 08, 2005All-new website re-design goes live

The website now includes an introductory FLASH animation reminiscent of the show's opening credits, a "Fun & Games" section featuring two FLASH games and a "Special Projects" section that introduces Jason Maiden's Technical Drawings project.

Last Updated: October 22, 2008
Preview Image DECEMBER 03, 2005The Wolf's Lair Issue #3 is now available!

After much anticipation, issue #3 of The Wolf's Lair magazine has been released and will be mailed to subscribers over the next week.
Articles feature Tom Patterson's crew who built the flying Airwolf, Airwolf's Monument Valley hiding place, Airwolf and the Bell 222.
Preview Image NOVEMBER 20, 2005New EDCC project added

See Kurt Srodzinski's Electronic Data Command Center project in a newly-designed preview section. Through meticulous attention to detail Kurt has become a subject matter expert for the design of the second season cockpit.

Last updated: February 5, 2007
Preview Image JUNE 17, 2005All-new Subscriber Supplement

To help expand upon the articles featured in "The Wolf's Lair," a new online supplement provides materials and information that help the reader extend the experience. Tour Airwolf's locations virtually, explore detail photos and much more! A free benefit to subscribers.

Last updated: January 09, 2009
Preview Image MAY 06, 2005The Wolf's Lair Issue #2 is now available!

Issue #2 of The Wolf's Lair magazine has been released. Articles include the Airwolf art department and its development of Airwolf: the helicopter and the show. This issue is full of details about the Airwolf mock-up and Khadafi's summer palace.
Preview Image APRIL 15, 2005AIRWOLF: The TRIP March 2005

Clark's latest trip to gather new information for "The Wolf's Lair" readers is now posted. This trip included stops at several filming locations guided by Art Director Gary Lee and a mini-reunion of three Airwolf crewmembers.
Preview Image JANUARY 24, 2005The Wolf's Lair Issue #1 is now available!

Introducing an original approach to the fan magazine genre. Issue #1 of The Wolf's Lair is now on its way to pre-subscribers. This inagural issue focuses on those who produced the show and discusses Airwolf from their standpoint. Future issues will introduce more of the people that brought the show to your screen week after week.
Preview Image NOVEMBER 15, 2004The Wolf's Lair magazine website is live

Following an announcement to fans on various forums, is now The Wolf's Lair magazine website. Pre-orders are being accepted for the much-anticipated magazine, and banners are available for download by those who would like to add a link from their website.
Preview Image SEPTEMBER 07, 2004AIRWOLF: The TRIP August 2004

Mark J. Cairns posts a triplogue of his cross-country Airwolf adventure with Clark Van Hoten. Stops include Universal Studios Hollywood (where Mark discusses his next Airwolf Themes CD with execs), Firm Headquarters, Catalina Island, and even Monument Valley.
Preview Image NOVEMBER 06, 2003The Merchandise Guide is sold out

After three years in circluation, Airwolf: The Second Definitive Merchandise Guide is now sold out. Thanks to all who made the Guide their own.
Preview Image DECEMBER 15, 2001Lance LeGault is official spokesman

Lance LeGault, star of the small screen, reprises his role as "D.G. Bogard" to read File A56-8W, a reprise that introduces the all-new, full-color, 200+ item, 48-page Airwolf Merchandise Guide authored by Clark Van Hoten.
Preview Image NOVEMBER 27, comes to life

Ordering for Airwolf: The Second Definitive Merchandise Guide is now active. The basic website, which originally went live on November 22, 1999 under a personal homepage URL, began as the showcase for this reference book for Airwolf collectors, which was inspired by Mark J. Cairns' original publication.
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